(A.K.A. Jeffrey S Lemansky)

Jeffrey Lemansky is an innovative change agent and a socially conscious marketer with a history of developing brand strategies that cross cultural boundaries. His passion for color combined with modern graphics has led to a rich history of uncovering the next emerging trend, ideation of innovative consumer products and delivering a solid foothold with consumers. Much of his penchant for superior design comes from his interest in art history and his years spent traveling and working in emerging markets in global sourcing. His love for the earth and our environment can be traced back to his upbringing in a small town on the Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey shore. Jeffrey has a passion for sustainability, Upcycling and social responsibility.



(A.K.A. Sheriann K Burnham)

A visual artist and designer, Sheri Burnham grew up in an artistic household where she was taught drawing and painting by her mother – a fine and commercial artist – from an early age. Sheri also realized at an early age the importance of respecting and caring for our natural resources. Growing up on the coastal beaches of Southern California, she was deeply influenced by the first Earth Day and the environmental movement of the 1970’s. Throughout her dual career as both a fine artist and designer, Sheri has always strived to employ economically resourceful practices resulting in her sustainable values for life and work. In art, she blends high tech with traditional art media and methods, currently creating mixed media works that UPcycle natural found objects with hand and digitally made elements. In design, Sheri is a creative visual thinker, who believes in re-shaping design complexities into clear visual solutions. You can learn more about Sheri’s art and design at

Jointly as Pepe & Sherina Designs™

Sheri Burnham and Jeffrey Lemansky have worked together since 1989 and have collaborated on designing and developing a multitude of successful designs and home textile products for wide variety of home furnishing suppliers. All of the above life experiences have now led them to create their innovative creative upcycled Sock-ratees & Friends™ collection.

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