• Innovative & creative every day
• Quality in all we do
• Repurposing through UPcycling
• Divert Textile Waste
• We seek to “win right” through social responsibility

Our Mission:

To help eliminate textile waste through the creation of innovative designs that result in sustainable and socially responsible handmade UPcycled products that eliminate the need to make something from virgin materials.

Company Purpose:

To design useful new products by innovatively repurposing that which is no longer useful!

About Us:

Pepe & Sherina Designs™ began as a design studio offering product design, global sourcing and marketing services to the Home Furnishing industry. Sheri Burnham and Jeffrey Lemansky, company principals, have been working as a creative team for 30 years. We specialize in designing innovative UPcycled products that are made from textile waste. All of our products are with a focus on the global waste stream and our environment with a strong emphasis on helping reduce our carbon footprint.

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