Camo-key™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Yo! I’m Camo-key™

I was born on a military base in Germany where my father was stationed. I have lived all over the world while my father served in the US Marines. After my Dad retired from the service we settled in Palm Springs, California. That is where I finally got to go to the same school more than two years in a row. I also finally got to make many friends like Sock, Carlitos & Chiu-key who I met last year at the Coachella Music Festival of music and arts. I love all kinds of music especially electronic. There is nothing like dancing to the beat of your favorite DJ’s under the desert stars. I enjoy playing my guitar and composing electronic dance music in my home studio. After high school graduation I hope to pursue a degree in primitive music. My hope is to move to South America and help preserve the musical culture of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rain Forrest.

Camo-key™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Best Friend: Sock-ratees, Carlitos & Chiu-key
Favorite Eco Activity: Working at the Living Desert
Favorite Food: Fried Bananas
Favorite Music: Electronic
Favorite Book: “Saving the Rain Forrest”
Favorite Sport: Hiking
Favorite website: Treehugger
People Peeve: People who litter


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