Carlitos™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Hey what’s up!
I’m Carlitos™

I’m a Jock Monkey from Encino in the San Franando Valley. Yes that valley, home of the original valley girls. Um Um Um! Love those Valley girls. I play all kinds of sports but excell at gymnastics on the monkey bars. I also love hanging out and having man-fun with my BF’s Sock-ratees and Chiu-key. We go to the mall or down on Melrose to hang out and cruise for girls. I have a scholarship to USC for basketball and am going to major in Physical Education with a minor in Finance. I hope to start a hedge fund that invests in green company’s.

Carlitos™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Best Friends: Sock-ratees & Chiu-key
Favorite Eco Activity: Re-cycling soda bottles
Favorite Food: Bananas
Favorite Music: Hip Hop
Favorite Book: “Tipping Point”
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite website: Inhabitat
People Peeve: People who drive gas guzzlers


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