Chiu-key™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Hello everyone,
I’m Chiu-key™

I live in the San Gabriel Valley. My family moved to the United States from Vietnam but I am actually of Chinese desent. I love going to school, studying and hanging out with my BF’s Carlitos and Sock-ratees. After school I work at a holistic healing center and intend to go on to study oriental medicine, massage and acupunture. I believe in living a holistic lifestyle and am striving to be Vegan but do eat fish from the Ocean and not farm raised.

Chiu-key™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Best Friends: Carlitos & Sock-ratees
Favorite Eco Activity: Preserving the Oceans
Favorite Food: Organic Protein Bars
Favorite Music: Oriental or Indian Raga’s for meditating
Favorite Book: “Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas
Favorite Sport: Tai Chi
Favorite website: The Plastiki
People Peeve: Fish Farming


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