Pur-palicious™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Hey there!
My name is Pur-palicious™

I am an aspiring actress and writer. I moved to Los Angeles with my family when I was 14 years old to break into acting and television. I live in Los Angeles and go to the new Performing Arts high school where I take music, acting and dance lessons. I met Hos-ary and Mona when I was on a shoot in Palm Springs for a TV pilot for a new show called Monkey-Business. We hit it off, became BF’s and now hang out whenever we can. When I am not working on my career or school work, I do volunteer work at the Los Angeles Zoo and my church. I hope to attend UCLA, major in film and one day own my own production company focusing on Animal Rights issues and where I can make a difference through my programming content.

Pur-palicious™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Best Friends: Mona & Hos-ary
Favorite Eco Activity: Community Gardening
Favorite Food: All Vegan & Ethnic
Favorite Music: Old School & Hip Hop
Favorite Book: “The Color Purple”
Favorite Sport: Cheerleading
Favorite website: Business Fights Poverty
People Peeve: Stupid reality shows


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