Sock-ratees™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™Hi all you Monkey lovers!
I’m Sock-ratees™

I am so excited that you have come to see and learn all about me and my friends at Sock’s Shop. We are a whole new innovative breed of Sock Monkey’s. We are athletic, styl’n and colorful. We are made from 100% upcycled materials. Nothing common or the same about us!

I was born in August of 2010 and soon was off to see the world. I made a lot of new friends during my travels and they have joined me here in my shop. As for me I go to Fairfax high school in Los Angeles. I love to hang out on Melrose when I am not studying or riding my bicycle with my best friend Carlitos. I am going to go to Pepperdine University when I graduate and get a double major in Zoology and Environmental Studies so I can help the world.

Sock-ratees™ UPcycled Sock Monkey | © Pepe & Sherina Designs™

Best Friend: Carlitos
Favorite Eco Activity: Upcycling
Favorite Food: Anything Vegan
Favorite Music: Brazilian
Favorite Book: “Sustaining the Planet”
Favorite Sport: Bicycling
Favorite website: Aid to Artisans
People Peeve: Meat Eaters

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